Steamboat Springs



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Steamboat Springs - Center of it all.


Location, location, location.


Location is typically "everything", right? We're in the middle of convenience without being the middle of the crowd. In fact, we border a park, the slow moving main street and the Yampa River. It's a sanctuary of convenience within walking distance to shops, Natural Grocers, the Hot Springs recreational and fitness facilities, restaurants, theater and nightlife.


If walking is not your style, within minutes on a bike you can find trails, spas, galleries, stores and restaurants. Everything Steamboat has to offer is readily available because it is a small, intimate, town.


A small town with a world class Ski Resort! Why deal with skier parking, when you can use the free resort bus right from our property to the base of the mountain. Ski shops conveniently fit you and your party with the hottest equipment and warm winter gear for the best quality skiing and snowboarding available anywhere. The mountain village also as shops and restaurants where your lodging and parking savings give you the opportunity to spend on better equipment, the chef prepared meal, and the Steamboat gifts your family will love.


All because you chose affordable and comfortable over costly, slope-side accommodations.


But what about summer?


Now, this is the place to be, if you want nature, river activities, fishing, concerts, swimming, and great cuisine – because a magical small town is right out your back door. Rabbit Ears Motel is the number-one choice for visitors during the summer. Family friendly environment and hands-on service, by a generational family-owned business. Your epic night's sleep helps you get the most out of your Steamboat Vacation.


Unless, you are on a business trip...


So, fun and excitement may not be part of the "business" agenda. And, we can no doubt bore you with the free WiFi, Conference rooms, breakfast facility and quick check-in / check-out at the Rabbit Ears Motel. But, you probably want to know that fantastic places to eat, drink and enjoy your stay are just a stone's throw away. Exercise facilities are right across the street, where you can focus on your endurance as a business building entrepreneur of all things, "get-er-done" and then relax in soothing natural hot springs before tackling the day.